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What is MCCA?

We are an organization that provides support and leadership for college counselors in Michigan.  We strive to promote the professional development of our members, and to promote leadership in the advocacy of our profession.

We attempt to increase public awareness of our roles through promotion and through the legislative process.  MCCA continues to be an important mechanism for the preservation of the integrity of the counseling profession at Michigan colleges and universities.

Mission Statement

MCCA is an association for those in higher education whose professional identity is counseling and whose purpose is fostering students' development.  MCCA strives to support and enhance the practice of college counseling, to promote ethical and responsible professional practice and to promote communication and exchange among college counselors.  MCCA will also encourage cooperation with other organizations and associations related to higher education, college student development, and the education of professional college counselors.  MCCA will provide leadership and support for the profession of counseling in higher education.

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